All this scratching is making me itch. To placate Tom’s fear below I believe an in depth discussion of the scratching issue is exactly the kind of thing this publog should be doing. And for fear of alienating any US audience, said article about the diet value of Pork Scratchings shows exactly where Americans go wrong with the whole pub ethos. They take the scratching, a food which is pretty much deep fat fried fat and advocate its use as a diet food.

A corrolary if you will might be American beer (I’m wandering into very dangerous territory here). Well, let’s stray from controversy by talking about the universally revilled brand Budweiser. Two things about Bud. Firstly it is weak as piss in the States. Warning to any American who inadvertently has a bottle in the UK – its a good two percent of alcohol stronger over here. Now there is no point in shandy weak beer, especially tasteless shandy weak beer.

The second thing needs no explaination. Bud Light.