Life On Mars – Co.Ro. ft. Lyen (Gene Hunt’s Smoke And Listen Mix)

Earth Intruders – Bjork (Mark Stent Extended Edit)

Touch Your Toes – Armand Van Helden ft. Fat Joe and Bl

(Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving – Baby D

End Of Days – Seeed ft. Maya Dela Gwada

You’re So Vain – The Black Neon

Get What You Deserve – Bertine Zetlitz

Black Gloves – Goose
— — — — —

Thanks to Grace, Alix, Tom and Joe Macare (League of Pop) this week. I nearly did an all covers edition, but the others can wait for next week. You do get Baby D’s 1995 ragga-middle-8’d update to the earlier breakbeats cover by NRG, a ‘Robot Voice’ cover of You’re So Vain (we love us some robots here at FT), and the Poptimism bosh-favourite Life on Mars cover. Or is it all A COMA INDUCED DREAM?