No, you’ve not missed any matches. We’re putting this year’s games up as we get the entries in, and so it’s a big thankyou to the prompt Group E gaffers of Serbia, Brazil, Switzerland and Morocco. It’s a group of veteran pop managers in the dugout this match, but only two can progress beyond the group stage, and you decide who those two are. Hear the tracks below the cut, and vote in the poll:

Pop World Cup 2018 Group E Match 1: Pick TWO tracks [ballot]

  • BRAZIL: Karol Conka ft Tropkillaz 41%
  • SWITZERLAND: Steffe La Cheffe 28%
  • COSTA RICA: Triddi 27%
  • SERBIA: Rasta 5%

Total Voters: 45

Poll closes: 1 Jul 2018 @ 12:19

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SERBIA (Manager: Chelovek Na Lune): Rasta – “Noci Nemirne”

“SERBIA. The dukes of football. The high dukes. The dukes who show up all the other dukes for the peace dukes they are. But we are the high dukes. And we conquer and win, even when we lose. Sometimes what superficially appear to be our greatest defeats are the foundations of our victories. From CeCa to the missing statue of Samantha Fox in CaCak, we play pop football like no-one else. By our rules. Our rules. Fly the flag. Our man here Stefan ?uri?, otherwise known as Rasta, 28 years old, from Priština, is one of the most versatile players of the game: he is proficient to take up almost every position, from crooning in goal to rapping with an abundance of autotune as striker, and seldom misses a goal. And even if you can’t seem them in this lineup, take my word that no-one else wears dreadlocks in the Balkans like he does. Kicking off for victory.”

BRAZIL (Manager: Jonathan Bogart): Karol Conka ft Tropkillaz – “Tombei”

“Brazil is quite well aware that they haven’t historically performed as well in the Pop World Cup as their junior partners in the football one have, so we’re entering this contest with something to prove. Our star striker this time out has been setting national pitches ablaze for the last four years, usually in conjunction with this defensive lineup, production team Tropkillaz. Come and get us.”

SWITZERLAND (Manager: Pete): Steffe La Cheffe – “Ha Ke Ahnig”

“Steff is a little Miracle Of Bern, a multi-instrumentalist playing in “Universal Language” of music, in Ha ke Ahnig (from her 2013 album Vögu zum Geburtstag) she is playing very much in an African style with some more angular Swiss German hip-hop notes over the top. The flow is excellent, the play joyous to watch but to a purpose. Back of the net.”

COSTA RICA (Manager: Carsmile Steve): Triddi – “Muy Loco”

Muy Loco by TRIDDI

“Have to say, it’s not been the easiest start for your Costa Rican gaffer, selection is a little limited (even this lot only have one track on YouTube), but this is an interesting mix of disco funky bits with somewhat of an 80s vibe and a nice samba-y, salsa-y breakdown in the middle (and a record scratch sound effect! who doesn’t love a record scratchsound effect???). Think the lads have got an outside chance of pulling off a cagey 1-0 here, we’ll have to se ewhat strength in depth the squad has got though…”

RESULTS: They’ll be driving in the streets of Jeddah tonight as Saudi Arabia’s all-female strikeforce wrongfoots the opposition to take an unlikely but convincing lead in Group A. They take 3 points into the crunch second game. Russia take 2, their muscular play nudging them ahead of the cultured Uruguayan forwards. And Egypt finish scoreless, needing a huge performance in the second game to progress.