hot thoughts Thanks to the Unheard Album Project (March mix on its way!) I am finally in a position where I can ACTUALLY DO a list of the records I’ve enjoyed most in “Q1”. (Note that at no point in my career as a ‘music journalist’ did I listen to enough new music for this to be possible!)

All of these need further listening to ‘settle down’ into a coherent list but here’s what I’ve dug this far.

1. SPOON – Hot Thoughts (Indie rock vets in lascivious mood)
2. T Q D – UKG (“Bass supergroup” brings the wub wub)
3. SACRED PAWS – Strike A Match (Sunny highlife-inflected indiepop)
4. IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE – Uyai (Afrobeats old and new plus lazer noises)
5. GOLDLINK – At What Cost (Catchy go-go influenced DC hip-hop)
6. SERGE BEYNAUD – Accelerate (Tuneful coupe-decale from Cote D’Ivoire)
7. VALERIE JUNE – The Order Of Time (Oak-aged Americana with cawing vocals)
8. CHARLI XCX – Number 1 Angel (Hyperreal pop plus surprisingly good guest spots)
9. KEHLANI – SweetSexySavage (Slinky, opulent R&B)
10. DUTCH UNCLES – Big Balloon (Herky-jerk nerd pop from Manchester)

11. BLANCK MASS – World Eater (Bludgeoning Fuck Buttons side project)
12. VISIBLE CLOAKS – Reassemblage (Don’t call it vaporwave! PS it’s vaporwave I think.)
13. NOVELLER – A Pink Sunset For No One (Sternly beautiful guitar ‘scapes’)
14. WILEY – Godfather (Wiley gives consistency a try for once)
15. STEF CHURA – Messes (World-weary indiepop with beguiling vocals)
16. LITKU KLEMETTI – Juna Kainnuuseen (Joyful Finnish garage pop)
17. STORMZY – Gang Signs And Prayer (Most accurate LP title on the list)
18. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – The Navigator (Politics! Americana dept.)
19. AUSTRA – Future Politics (Politics! Synthpop dept.)
20. MICK HARVEY – Intoxicated Women (Gainsbourg covers with plenty of female guest vocals)
21. SYD – Fin (Moody, spartan R&B)
22. THUNDERCAT – Drunk (Brief vignettes by funky bass virtuoso)