LATA MANGESHKAR – “Zamana Yeh Samhja Ke Hum Pi Ke Aaye”

Now as you may have noticed questions of authenticity and the circumstances surrounding the making of records don’t really bug me much. Head for ILM and nose around if you want the theoretical justifications for this, because the topic’s always bubbling away on some thread or other – but the upshot is that I didn’t care whether Milli Vanilli were miming, I don’t care whether the Neptunes use live instruments or dead ones, and if Donna Summer really was playing hide-the-studio-sausage on “Love To Love You Baby” it’s no business of mine.

However here I am struggling against willpower, stress and time to get my packing done, and all I’m thinking while this soothing, delicate (and in my current fraught state, essential) song is playing is – “Are those real hiccups?”