Sugar – JC Auto (Live)
(In the middle of downloading my favorite 100 singles of the 90s, so be prepared for more of these [mwuhahaha…]) Even through a pair of 4Q (4Q?? Did they get these off the back of a pickup?) computer speakers, this is ferocious. It makes me wistful (BRIEFLY, until “Vivrant Thing” comes up next in the mp3 playlist) for an early 90s American indie that never was (with few exceptions…maybe Drive Like Jehu, although it sounds nothing like them): bristling, driving…the exact opposite of the turgid grunge nonsense that prick Butch Vig was responsible for so much of (thank you very much Garbage: Behind the Music.) It also makes me wonder why Sugar could never pull something like this on record, instead opting for Bob Mould to play pick and mix with 90s alt-rock like it was a Whitman’s Sampler…(“a little shoegaze…a little jangle pop…a little grunge…”)