Saint George’s Day Special! In a spirit of sportsmanship and patriotism NYLPM presents the Bottom Five World Cup pop stories so far, in descending order of awfulness. Thanks to John for finding them all!

1. Dublin group to provide Ireland’s World Cup song: “The official World Cup anthem for the Republic Of Ireland football team will be provided by Dublin group A House.” (This is surely not true.)

2. Fat Les is back with Fish And Chips for World Cup glory bid: (Fat Les now including Mel C who I fear may have been set up)

3. Jam hit re-written as a football song : “Paul Weller has given the go-ahead for his song Going Underground to be turned into a World Cup anthem…the song will be released as a single, Go England.” (Do you see? Virgin Radio DJ involved.)

4. Bubble and Dean to release World Cup song: (Recorded at UB40’s studio!)

5. Terry Venables hopes for No.1 with World Cup song: “”There have been some ropey World Cup songs, but I think we’ve a number one here.””