I’ve now sent all the e-mails out giving details of the match-ups for the second part of 102 Beats That, this year’s FT Birthday Special. If you sent me an entry and you haven’t got one then either:

i) I never got it – please resend it.

ii) I got it and lost it – I’ve combed my inboxes carefully so hopefully this hasn’t happened.

iii) I have your entry but the e-mail address you gave doesn’t work. This so far applies to Alex in Mainhattan, Cabbage, and powertonevolume – can you give me working e-mails, thanks!

The next step is to start putting the entries online. Contrary to what it says in the e-mail I won’t be putting them up in bulk, I’ll be staggering them in small batches over the next week or two, so as not to overwhelm you with reading matter all at once. The return bouts will go up all at once, in the last week of June. Thanks to everyone who’s taken part!