DUEL! 2002 — Round 2 Seedings

The first round of Duel! 2002 is finally over and the draw for the second round takes place tonight, among the following contestants. Seed status was determined by the margin of victory in Round 1.

1. Creed
2. Nickelback
3. Starsailor
4. Limp Bizkit
5. Coldplay
6. Dido
7. Travis
8. Moldy Peaches

Unseeded: REM, Badly Drawn Boy, Stereophonics, U2, Muse, Manic Street Preachers, David Gray, Blink 182.

Yesterday’s Result: Blink 182 54% – Wheatus 46%

One of the closer-fought Duel!s to close Round 1, with Blink 182 clinging to a slim lead throughout the voting. Here’s what you had to say:

‘blink-182 a) relies too heavily on porn stars & midgets for comedy, b) is from california. wheras wheatus is from long island, so of COURSE they are not as icky siliconed.’

‘The guy from Blink 182 has a chapped head. You’d think this might make me like them but you’d be wrong.

“All the / small things / lodged in my face / I ming”‘

‘Hahaha! Dude, both these bands are great! Teenage Dirtbag vs. All The Small Things, like, two of the best songs to be released in the 21st Century!’

‘At last I’m not voiting with the winning side. Who on earth thinks Nickelback are worse than Primal Scream?? And once more, this time at least it’s a hard choice, cos I actually quite like the dumb noise of 182, but Wheatus are really good. I mean it. I know they are more hated, and will be in the next round, but you are all wrong. The album is perfect guitar pop.’

‘I accept Blink 182 when I do not actively love them. They’re just adult enough to resist all manner of teenaged punk clichés that I thought were pretty lame when I myself was teenaged. (Midgets and porn stars are adult clichés: witness The Man Show. ) Alls I remember about Wheatus is a deep nasal whine and something ambiguous about going to see Iron Maiden.’

‘Blink 182 – The soundtrack for date rapists.’

‘Blink 182 are thirty year-old men acting like thirteen year-old boys. That pretty much says it all.’

‘blink 182 is worse. the singles rule, the albums suck. also, they keep kids away from the true punk, but you know how that goes.’

‘I’d vote Blink 182 as being worse no matter who the opposition was. Limp Bizkit? You bet. Staind? Uh-huh. Creed? Undoubtedly. Blink 182 ARE the worst band on the planet and deserve to win the whole Duel!’

‘Blink 182 are objectively the worse band. But some people who ought to know better like Wheatus – and this makes them the worse.’