Okay – so the flute thing didn’t pan out (flute – pan – geddit?). Perhaps the big chart sound for the next couple of mintyhs might be the carnival sound. This is not strictly latin or soca, just anything vibrant, strident and infectiously danceable. WHich is where Shy FX & T-Power come in. Their new single “Shake Your Body” has a relentless latin piano over Shy FX’s beats which are informed by – if not actually – drum and bass. Shy FX was always one of the more poppy of the jungle producers anyway, and the clipped, fast and solid beats he lays down here certainly do the job. The bass is tucked away though under the piano line – but burbles away nicely. Its a pity about the lyrics, since T-Power has a nice enough voice. Its just that I am slowly getting a little bit bored of records which tell me to blindly let music take over my feet, body and soul. If I wanted to be possessed I’d get into devil worship.