FT Birthday Update (And Other News)

1. The response to the birthday thing has gone from good to spectacular – I now have around fifty entries. Thanks!

2. I’m extending the deadline anyway because the entries have been so good and I want even more of them. So if you haven’t done it and fancy doing it – go for it!. Those of you who did get it done on time – entries will be printed in order of arrival, so your ones will get more hits by the secret laws of the Internet.

3. Very big apologies to anyone who got a virus sent via my e-mail address. My anti-virus software has been creaking for a while now and I clearly need a new one. So fingers crossed it won’t happen again.

4. I’m going away on Saturday and so is Pete, so updates to NYLPM might drop off entirely – except of course there are a host of team members itching to post (ahem). We’re going to France for a week with a bunch of friends. I would love to get another FT update done before I leave, which means practically speaking on Wednesday evening. So if you have any articles you’ve been sitting on or dallying with, please send them to me before then! Thanks! The article pile is running low generally, so submissions are more valued than ever.