Alacran: the review below was written by new NYLPM team member Arien Rasmijn, who is Dutch and normally writes stuff here. He likes a lot of the things we don’t – IDM, modern indie rock – so he should mix things up a bit. Welcome Arien! Meanwhile, Badger thinks I’ve gone mad. To him I say: “PARTY PARTY HARD HARD” – OK, no, I don’t say that. I’m no fan of the work-hard-play-hard ethic either particularly since I do neither myself, but at times it has made for some mighty fun music and this is one of them. A Cliff’s Notes version of Brain Donor? Maybe (only heard one BD song), but Cliff’s Notes means ‘simplified’, and in a rock context simplicity is everything right now.

On ILM, Fritz just described WK as “how Beavis and Butthead wanted Springsteen to sound” which is perfect – thanks Fritz!