Stuck in the media with you: ‘I loved the music you used in your intro,’ says the interviewee, plainly delighted he can riff off of a handy PopCult ref to make his point: ‘Reservoir Dogs, very appropriate. Except for this story it’s Reservoir Bogs…’ And here surely the Newsnight anchorman should have cut him off: ‘I’m sorry sphincterboy, that totally doesn’t even mean anything, can you get to the actual point please?’ Time was the sound editors using pop as gag-colour under BBC2’s serious news-stories were sly and witty, even a eensy-weensy bit subversive possibly. Now they’re reduced to bigging up non-stories — viz the office feud at the heart of the Byers-Moore-Sixsmith affair — by use of rubbish film pastiche. Clips of the central figures filmed walking slowed down hohum Dogs-style, and sigh soundtracked by yes that 70s chart-song that Tarantino resurrected which grrr no I CAN’T momentarily remember the NAME of because its CONSTANT repetition EVERYWHERE has WITHERED MY BRANE!! When a retired civil servant apparently incapable of pointful insight on-camera can confidently go Late Review on us YES I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE it is time to state clearly ‘Popsongs in news stories = end this non-big non-clever nightmare now’