Return of the mournful Two-Tone record? As always with me I hear two tracks which appear to have a similar kind of backing and instantly conjure it into a trend. Nevertheless what – for want of a better name – I will call mournful Two-Tone (for which I suppose I mean slowish reggae/ska) has slipped under a few new records. The two new tracks I have heard from The Streets – Too Much Brandy and Let’s Push Things Forward both have this dark shuffle behind them. To add to this the Herbaliser’s new single has an equally dark, horn filled, skank behind it. Not only that but Good Girl Gone Bad also features a rap by British MC Wildflower which isn’t a million miles away from The Streets in its rugged Britishness – down to the Marmalade Atkins name checks. This is not strictly new territory for the Herbaliser, but it dovetailed nicely with what the Streets are doing. There is something about the lone horn which fit a night shuffling through the darkness, the wet and the rain.