Now call me bemused, but if the judge isn’t quite sure who has won a case, then who on earth is supposed to? Here is the reason why we will never see bootlegs getting official releases: Robbie Williams in Woodie Guthrie legal wrangle (via Loudon Wainwright III). So Williams was inspired – for which read badly copied – a Loudon Wainwright III lyric (a comedy one it would appear) which itself was a parody of the original Guthrie lyric. For which the Guthrie estate demanded 100% compensation instead of the offered 25%. The story whirls round and round and leaves the reader with merely two facts. First that you should buy your copy of Sing When You’re Winning now because future pressings will not have Jesus In A Camper Van on it. Not that you should worry too much mind. Judge Pumphrey doesn’t think the track has any particular “staying power” anyway. We will attempt to recruit the good Judge to do future pop comment right here. Just note that since he is never truly sure who has won the case he himself is prosecuting we should take his opinions with a pinch of salt.