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Duel asks the question: what is the worst band in the world? Thirty-two bands and artists of varying degrees of badness have been scientifically selected by your NYLPM staffers to battle it out in a knockout competition to determine the pinnacle of badness, 2002 style. Your part in this is simply to vote in the poll below, and in subsequent polls. To qualify for Duel a band or artist needs to have had a certain amount of popular success, a certain amount of critical acclaim, and attracted a certain number of people who want to shake their fans hard and scream “My God you fools! Can’t you see? They’re terrible!” We apologise in advance if any deserving candidates have been missed out.

Today’s Duel! sees a clash between two bands of fairly local appeal. In the blue corner, Ash, one-time plucky teenagers from Northern Ireland, now horribly returned after their ‘difficult second album’ with a collection of My First Indie Record tunes which has seen them bring a touch of beige back to an otherwise vibrant Top 40. In the red corner, Creed, Christian rockers from the United States Of Jesus who use the power of the chord to spread the word of the Lord, and who perhaps thankfully I know very little about. The choice is yours, and come back at lunchtime tomorrow for a freshly hellish quandary (featuring two very big names!). (Comment on this Duel!)

Duel 2002 Round 1 Match 1

Which of these two bands is worse?

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