I Hate Alternative Rock: From the Makes No Sense At All Dept. – Bob Mould is coming out with THREE albums this year; check out this semi-informative article from Billboard.com for more information (and don’t mind the pop-up ads). A couple of years ago, such news would’ve sparked a series of joyous epileptic fits. Sadly, those years passed onto me the sad, sobering knowledge that the angry, spiteful, exuberant, energetic Mould of years past slowly turned into an angry, spiteful, crotchety (and, if you couldn’t guess, less interesting) shadow of his former self. I’m always willing to give folks a second (third, fourth, fifth) chance, though. So meet the new Mould – he’s experimenting with loops, he’s going semi-“electronic”, he’s fully independent now (releasing all 3 records on his own Granary Music label), and he’s going back to basics – “In some ways, this record reminds me of songs I wrote the the early days: simple chordal structures, direct in lyrical content, and dense in sonic temperament.” Okay, then.

Warning signs aside, I’m painfully curious; any kid fond of Amerindie rock music owes a few burnt offerings to Mr. Mould, no doubt. (Yes, I know Husker Du is overrated; should’ve told me that when I was 21, you crabby know-it-alls.) Of course, I’m also highly skeptical – his last record (The Last Dog & Pony Show) was supposed to be his FINAL foray into the world of amplified guitars and the rock music (he said, hoping for such a boon after the lackluster sheen offered by the eponymous record preceeding The Show). Yeah, right; I almost believed Celine was going to stay retired to (he said, really hoping she’d shut her pie hole for good; alas). So perhaps this will be Bob’s triumphant return to the world he inadvertently helped create; here’s hoping. If the radio promo (available for your listening pleasure @ BobMould.com) is any indication, this is going to be less like a phoenix from the ashes and more like a spitball from the back of the crowd.