Hear’Say say ‘NO FIX’!!! And do we believe them readers? ‘Plain facts’ include the news that audtions were filmed by ITV2 and therefore you will SEE if it’s a fix or not!! Don’t you SEE?? Are you BLIND??

In other news, I couldn’t sleep this morning and started to my UNCEASING HORROR to hum XANADU by the glam to the max Bright New Hope of I dunno, something –MULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY! This was not good. Toss. Toss. Hold on, isn’t it ‘toss’ then ‘turn’? No mate it’s just toss. SEE WHOT I DID THERE ahahahahaha!!! ALSO! On T4 I saw them perform with a pink feather boa wrapped around the microphone stand. Was that meant to be for the BLING BLING? By MULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY?? Tits up!