GARETH GATES! YOU ARE NOT THE MAN FROM DEL MONTE! STOP IT! White suits in pop music. Now, can we think of many entirely clad in white pop stars…let me HARNESS THE POWAH OF THE ATOMMICK BRANE! Yes! *power up*! There’s the POP WING of the KKK! (Doh). Cliff Richard (although at least he had the decency to wear ROLLER SKATES)! The Bee Gees! How wonderful that is three that is more than enough. IF ONLY Martin Bell and the Mang from Delmonte realise the POWER that a white suit gives you – the power of looking like a KNOBCHEESE hahahaha. Stop it Gareth, you UNCHAINED MELODY singing, shiny face sporting, snakeskin boot wearing, MINGING gosh darn SMELLHEAD.