It’s probably wrong to have a music obsessed boyfriend and ask him what he thinks of your record collection. But IF LUVVIN YOU IS WRONG, I DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT or in other words, I went ahead and asked him anyway. He said something along the lines of I have a lot of great punXoR, quite a bit of indie schmindie (mmm, The Sound of Young Sweden – sample lyric ‘she wears mittens, I wear gloves’), and surprisingly little electronic music. Bah, I can listen to the electrical humming of my computer all day at work, I don’t know why I’d want a CD of same plus added GLOW-STICK and druuuuugs. Fair enough though – I know nothing really about electronic music. I know the names, but often they mean nothing to me.

One of these names I know quite well is SQUAREPUSHER who apparently makes music with (and for) toasters (mmm toast). And Sheffields Special Moth know quite a lot about him. DO THEY HAVE DIRT I hear the more gossip hungry of you cry? Why yes, they have a lot of dirt. Charcoal dirt. Do you see where I am coming from? ‘Squarepusher Stole My Barbeque’ is the in fact TRUE story of what is left behind and WHAT IS NOT ahem when electronik music stars move down to London. It’s the willingness of those who move to forget those they leave behind with only microwaves between themselves and FOOD DISEASES! Special Moths’ acoustic lament in it’s very unpluggedism marks the difference between THIEF SQUAREPUSHER (thee dark side) and honest deprived SUMMER CHEFS. From whence will come their burgers SQUAREPUSHER grrrrr. It’s my favourite song of January.

NB – This record is not avaliable in the shops. Special Moth may be playing in front of some people, at some time. In Sheffield. Maybe. NEU!s as it happens.