Freaky Trigger Needs YOU: a while back I was planning to redesign NYLPM and turn it into something different, and I wanted writers. Several people got in touch. Then all sorts of bad things happened and the project fell apart. But now NYLPM is back on its regularly-updated feet again I think it might be a good idea to expand the ‘staff’, as it were. So if you like writing about music and linking to foolish or interesting music articles, and you think you could post, ooh, once a week let’s say, then please drop me a line. If you wrote to me last time then please do write again and let me know if you’re still into the idea, too. It would help if you don’t think pop music is absolutely dreadful, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you did.

Freaky Trigger also needs new articles so help us keep our (currently pretty good) turnover of new writing high. If you’ve got any ideas for pieces please write in: especially encouraged are personal writing, thinkpieces, and articles about things you don’t think are getting covered much at the prominent music sites. You don’t have to write about music, by the way – other parts of pop culture are fair game too.

I am a terrible correspondent but will really try to not let e-mails languish this time. Thanks!