Cornershop to attempt world record for longest remix: There is so much information missing from this tidbit of news.
1) What is the current record? My guess is that there isn’t one, therefore anyone who finds a particularly long remix will be in with a shout – at least until next week.
2) Why does the Guinness Book of Records have to be in attendance. I don’t doubt that said long tedious remix will exist in some for or another afterwards. Does Norris McWhirters successor really need to hang around watching Tjinder Singh twiddling some knobs to verify it actually happened.
3) The song is called Spectral Mornings. Man on a bike – if it doesn’t already sound like a bunch of hippy claptrap I daresay the remix will do the job. Its fourteen minutes long already.
4) Do you think the real reason for the remix will be to remove Noel Gallagher’s guitar bit?