As a final bit of community service, I’ve updated the NYLPM Archives – every review from May last year to today now nicely alphabetised and linked, and though in memory it was a fallow patch there’s some grand stuff there. Thanks to Sundar, Dave Raposa and Fred for picking up the slack at a time when I was preoccupied.

And the future, I think, is bright. At one point last year I was planning to revamp NYLPM and bring in a new daily feature – I didn’t do that and I’m glad about it (though if the people who volunteered to be part of that still want posting rights here, please say!). Looking back over the year I’m bloody proud of NYLPM – even if sometimes it isn’t the best-updated site around, there really isn’t anything else quite like it on the Internet. I think ‘Internet Awards’ are a load of nonsense in general, but if we did ever win one I’d think it deserved. Thanks very much to all the contributors, and thankyou for reading, and why not waste an hour or two of your time in the archives while you’re here?