Robert Christgau In Two Parts:

1) For the lovers, the official Robert Christgau website is open for business, chock full of his hit-&-run Consumer Guide antics (along with other, longer, more considered pieces of prose).

2) For the haters, there’s this quote (emphasis provided by yours truly) from In Their Own Write, Paul Gorman’s book on the history of “rock criticism” (a term I wish would die a painful, tortorous death, but don’t mind me, here’s the quote, which, by the way, is from a snippet concerning the role of women in “rock criticism”, and maybe it’s just hard for me to swallow that women were mere window dressing for those big manly rock stars, or, worse yet, seeing the work of these women molded ever so slightly BY MEN in order to fit preconceived notions about “rock criticism” (hi, Mr. Marsh), but, again, don’t mind me, I need dinner, here’s the quote already):

“The New Yorker critic Ellen Willis, who I lived with in the Sixties, had a tremendous influence on my thought.”

2a) Haters will also be eager to sneak a peak at the latest issue of Badaboom Gramophone, a behemoth of a publication that contains a pithy little article entitled “A Consumer Guide To Robert Christgau’s Consumer Guide”, where the Dean is on the receiving end of some tough grading, ha ha. (It reads better than it sounds, believe me.)