Old – here’s a question I’d like people to answer.

We all get into bands or records or scenes – get excited about them, get passionate about them, live for them. That music becomes you, becomes part of you. There’s not much argument about that. But the first thing I’d say is that the younger you are, the easier this happens. Is that true? And why is it true?

And then, sooner or later – usually after 7-10 years but sometimes sooner, that music stops being part of ‘living memory’, something to be ‘into’, and something happens to it.

Either it vanishes entirely, to live on only in the odd embarrassed cynic-nostalgic reference and then to surface maybe years later as exhumed ‘influence’.

Or it turns into history – you see The Smiths on the cover of Mojo, or ‘YOU KNOW THE SCORE: 40 Hardcore Classix’ in the supermarket, or a big record-straightening tome on K Records.

And my question is – what happens to YOU when that happens to your music? How do you feel about it? About your past? And about yourself now?