Dear Novocane feat No Ones Driving, top dodgy trance bods,

first of all, come on. Now is not the time for FITES and being VERSUS! It is Christmas! Even if there is a new (ha!) Tupac single out which I am sure means that some Americans will write pomes about and no doubt cause a GRATE BIG FUSS to my bemusement, it don’t mean you should get all agressive. Just feel the peace. And one more thing, that lyric? “You drive my soul from sadness”??


Honestly, if you bad trance mewsic clones can’t cope with sticking to continuity in YORE OWN CHOONS then whot hope haf the pop publique now eh? Oh hold on, mingy Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman (who has a REALLY big CHIN) are Number One with a cover of Something Stupid. That’s the title of the song as well, bwahahahaha. Oh please, hold my humour back. Take my number one selling album and cassingle, please. Back to Virgin Megastores – the shop to me which is a record store for people who don’t really like records that much (although I am very guilty of illicit TCR Virgin Megastore trips I will admit that much). The video doesn’t even have them romping through snow! Xmas number one PISH PIE AND PROPHYLACTICS to them I say.