Careless Talk Costs Lives is a new music magazine that most emphatically believes pop writing is not dead. It’s run by Everett True, Steve Gullick, and Stevie Chick and contributors include several quite familiar names – Freaky Trigger’s outgoing editor Ned Raggett and ILM star Kate St Claire, for two. The link is to an ILM thread where the concept and prospects for the mag were discussed – so how do you buy it? Mr True says:

“You can buy the first issue by sending a cheque for £3.50 made payable to EMINENT Management and production. You probably won’t find us in your local store right now, because I’m deliberately going underground for the first few issues to build up a good solid support. And… THEN! We pounce.

Eminent’s address is: Studio 4 4th Floor The Old Truman Brewery 91-95 Brick Lane London E1 6QL

Mark the envelope ref: Careless Talk Costs Lives, and please write your name and mailing address on the back of the cheque. Subscriptions are £15 for six issues. If you’re abroad, add on a sensible amount of money to compensate. Any queries please talk to Colin on”

It’s out on December 12th.