FOO FIGHTERS – This Is a Call

This isn’t about the song itself. This is about two moments in the song. (Moments In Love, I guess – click click.) The first is the chorus, with those five guitar notes skating over the ebullient ruckus Dave Grohl conjures all by his lonesome. Part of me wants to imagine this song came of age during the days when his songs were available on tapes dubbed on boom boxes from Simple Machines, when his hero had an actual name (Skeeter Thompson) and he actually drummed in his little Seattle band. The second moment is the measure just before the chorus, those 4 beats filled with Dave Grohl’s drumming. I miss his drumming; he can say all he wants about Taylor Hawkins outdrumming him, but there is nothing that sounds remotely as exciting or invigorating, or right. With Nirvana, Grohl kickstarted The Sound that allowed kids to publically bask and thrash in their own misunderstood anger. In this Foo song, the drumming nails down a friendlier catharsis – the catharsis of a guilt-free pop song. It’s not an explosion; it’s a celebration.