SUM 41 — In Too Deep

Here’s a snotty little question: If (as suggested by some critics) Blink 182 is the new Replacements (and pardon my incredulity, but if Mark Hoppus & Tom DeLonge can even come close to approximating 1/100th of Paul Westerberg, then I’m the new Iggy Pop, and I’m in sore need of some peanut butter and broken Schlitz bottles RIGHT NOW), would that make Sum 41 the new Husker Du? (And, on an even less serious note, would that make Green Day the new Suicide Commandos? Oh, the mind careens like a coffin beset by roses‘) If they keep on pumping out smart little pop songs like this — ‘like this’ meaning ‘not as seemingly simplistic and three-chord happy as those Blink fellas; I could be a bit biased, yeah’ — then I might forgive them for rapping on their first single. Might.