Stuffing MTV’s ballot box: Interscope Records teaches fans how to disable cookies and vote over and over again for “My Way” and some Fred Durst-shepherded band called Puddle of Mudd. The possibly great thing about this article: There might be fewer Durst-ciples walking the world than previously estimated. (You do remember the it’s-not-payola ‘experiment’ that initially got their cover of “Faith” on the radio, yes?) The unsurprising thing about this article: A few years ago, I ran into a friend who was temping for Sony. I asked him what he was doing, and he hesitated, looked at me sorta sheepishly, and said, “I’m dialing 1-800-Dial-MTV over and over again.” Apparently, the gig paid pretty well—looks like Interscope has found a way to lower costs, uh, I mean, “fire up the fans.” Either way, the bottom line will surely look pretty sweet at year’s end, making Durst the perfect poster boy for everything Tom Frank has been talking about since Paw inked their first record deal.