Hello. This is Britney. You might know me from my efforts to support criminally unknown artists via the Tangents website. I’m very grateful for their help in those endeavors, as I am in your efforts to recognize such greatness – I’m glad to say that the Velvet Underground’s 3rd album has finally gone double platinum!! Thank you!! But, now, kind readers & fans, I need your help again.

tried to send it book rate but it got there overnight
“this has never happened to me” ends up sounding trite

These lyrics, from another criminally neglected artist (Nothing Painted Blue), illustrate a problem that affects many men, including many of my fans – premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation affects millions of men (both old & young) across the world. I’ve received many touching letters from fans asking for my support in their sexual crises. Sometimes, I’ve found out about their problems before their spouses, their loved ones, and even their parents!

Thoughts like this were on my mind as Herb Ritts and I collaborated on the video for my latest single, ‘Don’t Let Me Be’. I wanted the video to be an instructional tool for men (and even women) afraid of premature ejaculation. By implementing foreplay, your sexual experiences can be heightened and even improved. This goes for chronic masturbators as well. Instead of simply going straight for the finish line, just ease yourself into the driver’s seat. Those scenes where I’m by myself are perfect for such an exercise. Instead of the all-too-familiar bump-and-grind that typifies modern ideas of sexuality, I wanted to create a portrait of chaste, tantalizing love. I want you to savor the moment, both in my video, and in real life.

And I have to thank Herb Ritts, in particular, for his assistance. At first, he hemmed and hawed when I asked him to ‘recombinate’ his prior successes for my latest video. However, those bits I wanted – the heat between Chris Issak & Helena Christiensen from ‘Wicked Game’; Madonna’s fantasy beach frolic in ‘Cherish’; Janet Jackson’s taut self-exploration in ‘Love Will Never Do Without You’ – were some of the purest sexual expressions to be found in modern entertainment. I thank Herb for sublimating his initial impulses for the greater good of this project. Thanks, Herb!!

I’d also like to thank Mutt Lange & Shania Twain for their assistance in creating this song. Their guidance & tutelage helped in birthing this multi-faceted analysis of modern love, and I am eternally grateful. Their love is a love we should all try to emulate!! Thanks again, Mutt & Shania!!

Don’t be ashamed of your problem. The best thing you can do is learn how to overcome your difficulties. Practice and patience are the key. Trust your lover, and, more importantly, trust yourself. Trust is the key. (But don’t forget about practice and patience.)

So, please, when it comes to premature ejaculation, don’t let your loved ones be the last to know. Don’t hold back; just let it go.