We’re whoring for BBC Online today – as the proof finally comes in that Napster and mp3’s are destroying the music industy. Oh, but the proof is that record sales have gone up. Ooops. Whilst record sales have been down for a while this reversal of a trend must mean something. I think it might mean we have had better pop music this year – though I’ll take the notion that if the increases come from the dull, slow-moving Tripod that is Eva Cassidy, Dido and David Grey then all might not be well with the world.

As another note on the Radiohead vs DJ Pied Piper battle – man that DJ Pied Piper single is a lazy piece of half-arsed garage. Which is why it sounds so damn good in the sun. “Do you really like it, is it really wicked….” I thought nobody used the word wicked any more. Which makes using it in itself thorough wicked.