FT Relaunch News

When? June 21 2001

What? New articles, interviews and reviews, and an (ever-growing) selection from the FT archives. Plus I Hate Music, Pop-Eye, Am I Cool Or Not? and maybe other features too.


So what else is new? The Freaky Trigger relaunch will of course be accompanied by the Freaky Trigger Relaunch Party. This will be on the evening of the 21st of June and will ALSO be the launch of Sussed, an indie club night in Oxford at which DJ Cabbage, DJ Carsmile, and the mysterious DJ Cockfarmer will spin a load of indie records (the mysterious DJ Cockfarmer will spin other types of records too, at least if the hairy mob on the dancefloor will let him get away with it). “Hold on, Tom, that’s a bit indie.” you might well say, but fear not – because the Pre-Relaunch-Party Party will be held in a PUB with a BIG JUKEBOX and your humble publisher will have put on loads of POP.

Where’s the party? At Club Latino on the Cowley Road, Oxford – 10pm-2am. Pub TBA. The bus to and from London arrives and leaves RIGHT OUTSIDE this palatial venue.

So now you know. There’ll be a special page with all this info on when Steve gets the flyers done and I can be arsed to scan them in.