DAA on MMM: Dancing About Architecture takes a (two-part!) look at Lou Reed’s up-middle-finger classic Metal Machine Music. The first part examines – yawn – the context: speedfreak conceit? performance art gag? contract-buster? serious art? all of the above? It also looks at the reception given the record – some mention of its continued reception would have been nice, as one great thing about MMM is that twenty-five years on it still stubbornly refuses to be agreed about.

But I’m looking forward to the second half of William Ham’s piece more, because Metal Machine Music is one of those rare records where an “it’s all about the music, man” approach is actually right, nowadays. Screw Lou’s intention, I’ve got a CD in my hand and I’m going to play it and listen and see what happens. So let’s hope that’s the angle Ham takes next week.