AIR – “RADIO #1”

if they weren’t fearful of looking egotistical — and if it also made for a better hook than “ray-dee-ohh num-berrrr one” — the boys from air woulda/shoulda named this single of theirs “radio air,” because musically and lyrically, that’s what it’s all about. radio air, coming straight to you in francophonic sound, can be found east of parliament’s we-funk on the dial, but much closer than most would cede based solely on moon safari. “radio #1” sports heavy drums and a sludgy bassline that recalls nothing so much as the backstreet boys’ “larger than life,” all of which suggesting that their work on the virgin suicides score taught them how to change gears stylistically, and which is in stronger evidence on the forthcoming album. tune in, turn on, drop out.