Weblogs weblogs weblogs: this is Ghost Tropic, a new site which touches on music and links to us. If you link to us we will link back to you. That is how weblogs work. People who do not agree are elitist scum. Can’t they go and live in Russia?

Actually you should visit Ghost Tropic because it’s promising and that.

It’s now surely only a matter of time before proper famous rock critics start writing weblogs – they’re an ideal way to catch the eddies and flows of pop music as it happens without committing yourself or falling into the kind of pomp that long-form pieces seem to encourage. Also if Mr. Reynolds is right then the thinking critics aren’t managing to sell their stuff right now. (Mr. R. says a lot of other stuff too which we will return to soon enough but I’m referring to his first para). But if he’s concerned about his good ideas going to waste then I would humbly suggest a weblog is a good way of ensuring otherwise. For people used to writing and reading longform pieces the more epigrammatic writing a blog requires can be hard to get used to, but I think it’s worth it.

Saying this, NYLPM is a bit undernourished currently. I strongly suggest that if you’re looking for some occasionally meatier discussion that you head for the forum (I Love Music, link at the top of this page). Despite a current trend towards sifting through every damn band Melody Maker gave space to in the 1980s, one by one, there are some very interesting and worthwhile questions getting asked – and even the endless band threads usually throw up something good.

Final weblog thing: No Rock And Roll Fun was mislinked last week. This is what you get if you name yourself after a Sleater-Kinney song, I suspect. This page is a thousand times more fun than S-K, though.