Why I Am Doing Thousand: (I think an explanation is needed because it means basically none of my reviews here for a few weeks).

I’m doing Thousand (1,000 songs on my hard drive listened to in quasi-alphabetical order) as an experiment. A formal experiment first of all with the site content manager Organizine – this is why the page looks crap as I’m on a learning curve with its documents and templates functions. All being well I might be able to automate many of the more tiresome coding tasks I have on FT.

I’m also doing it as an experiment concerning my apparent or perceived limitations as a critic. The two things I hear the most in feedback – negative things this is – are firstly that I’m too analytical and secondly that I’m too negative. By writing directly about music while it’s being played, and by writing about only music I like (well, there are some other tracks stuck on my drive, but it’s mostly music I like), I aim to get round this. What you’re getting in Thousand is as direct a transcript of the listening experience as I can bear to give you.

Hope you enjoy it!