The Manic Street Preachers (ahem) have announced the release of not one but two new singles on the same day. The idea of the two singles is to show the depth, nay breadth of the music on their new album. So that’ll be a slow one and a fast one then. Depth and breadth eh? (My money is on “Find That Soul” being a Motownesque ballad apologising for Mowtown junk, and “Why So Sad” being a fast one rueing the day they asked Ritchie to cheer the fuck up).

Dotmusic’s chart expert (now there is a money for jam job) says this move is unprecedented. Knackers to that says not even Freaky Triggers Chart Expert but a mate of his. Lush did it in 1993 – effectively dividing their small and impoverished fanbase so that one charted at 42 and the other at 39. This may be the ruse behind the Manics smash and grab attempt at the charts. Get the rubbish singles out before everyone realises that that new millenium stench is their album. It may also be used as an excuse why neither of them will go to number one.

Album is called ‘Know Your Enemy’. I think we know who our enemy is – any band who releases a record which cynically sucks up to the NME.