Thankyou very much to the people who voted for this site in the bloggies, something I’ve not been mentioning because I think, what with one thing and another, that it’s a bad idea. I might write about why it’s a bad idea somewhere else, suffice it to say for now that the nominees list has the usual merits and demerits of awards nominees lists (think the Brit Awards. Or the Grammies.). But meanwhile I’m in the best topical site category, up against some literary things and U2log, a weblog all about U2. And Disturbing Search Requests, which always struck me as a terrific idea for a weblog spoiled by inane contributions (pot-kettle syndrome here, perhaps).

Because it’s a public vote and because there’s no rule about not lobbying for votes on the nominated sites, we might as well all just submit our visitor logs – but if you are going to vote then do consider voting for Catherine in the (silly) Best Pitas-Powered Site category. There are other good sites nominated here and there but they don’t need my help, being prominent in the (UK, Dutch, etc.) ‘community’. But Catherine has been the source of a lot of our links and seems a nice person to boot and I enjoy her page a lot.