(More Single Review re-runs from FT’s dark ages: this one’s for Maura)

L’TRIMM – “Cars With The Boom”
I’ve dreamed about getting hold of this ever since I first read Chuck Eddy’s magnificent Accidental Evolution Of Rock And Roll, and lo and behold it is a masterpiece, the Shangri-La’s gone bass. It’s actually almost too gorgeous to listen to very often: never have voices as giggly-sweet as Tigra and Bunny’s hit vinyl, their sense of timing is exceptional (“We’re Tigra and Bunny / And we LIKE (beat) th’boom”: that micro-pause makes the song) and the final “Beep! Beep!” section where they dissolve into squeaky chat and scat is supremely tinglesome. Musically I like the identikit pop-electro beats (things become identikit because they work, duh), but my speakers are too puny for the boom to register. Sigh.