About Morley’s being vexed concerning lack o’ Britney — wrong song, frankly, to be worried about. I have no idea what other singles of hers might have hit number one (maybe some, maybe none), but I stand by my belief that “…Baby One More Time” is a terribly overrated song, one I’ve never found memorable. Having only heard her stuff in very small bits and starts, the tracks that worked best were some other tune off that first album (forget the title, though) and “Lucky,” which was big and splashy and fun. “Oops! I Did It Again” is comparatively middling, basically because that is a DUMB-AS-FUCK title. “…Baby One More Time,” meanwhile, was found bland enough to the point where Travis could cover it. Yeurgh. Calling it more effective than “Tainted Love” is A Bad Sign, though they achieved a similar omnipresence.

His general point is a good one, though.