NYLPM contributor, AICON fall gal, and internet superstar Maura K Johnston will be DJing tonight, 6.30PM-10PM EST, on WPRB, which is some kind of communist indie rock station no doubt. It will be broadcast on the net, so if you’re in, listen. As it happens, I am in, as a strange combination of circumstances (mostly lack of money and New Years Eve being on a Sunday) finds me not at the pub on a Friday night. So I will be listening to Maura’s show and chatting, perhaps with my fellow listeners, on IM (screen-name: TomFT26). If you’re up and online, drop me a line and if I don’t know you we can have an awkward but fun exchange.

Maura will also be DJing on Sunday, between 1.30PM and 4PM EST. This show promises special end-of-year content, and is not to be missed, unless you’re in a boozer or something. (If you’re in a Philadelphia boozer, get them to tune their radio in.)