Kirsty MacColl dies in boating accident. I’m not sure if NYLPM is the place to announce this, especially considering that only last night in the pub I was doing my usual schtick about Kirsty MacColl on backing vocals equalling end of career (the Smiths, The Wonder Stuff). It may be a shame to think that she will be best remembered for Fairytale Of New York – which is about as credible as Christmas records ever get (ie not very but at least the word arse was said on it).

I actually rather liked some of the stuff on her last album, and I thought “In These Shoes” was a masterful pop single. She made a better fist at Latino pop that Geri Halliwell, and much better that Jennifer Lopez. Lets hope she did not hear the Ronan Keating/Marie Brennan version of Fairtale Of New York before she got hit by the speedboat. It is most surreal listening to an Irishman putting on an Irish accent to sound more like Shane McGowan.

Ah well Kirsty MacColl RIP – as A House would say.