6. Lyric: Jeru Tha Damaja – “One Day”

Based on a similar premise to Common Sense’s “i used to love h.e.r.”, “One Day” clocks in at just over two minutes long and in that time summarises the current state of hip hop and allows Jeru to offer himself (and, playing the role of the sidekick and producer, DJ Premier) as a solution:

If I recall correctly I last saw Hip Hop down at Bad Boy
We’ll see if Puff knows what’s up
Cos he’s the one getting him drunk and fucking his mind up
We go to the office, he’s nowhere to be found
So we snatch up Jay Black and beat his bitch ass down
“Now where’s Hip Hop?!” “A’ight, a’ight…” he confessed:
“Suge came and took him from Puff last night,
He said he’d give him up if a real nigga came to retrieve him…”
So we went to LA later that evening
When we got there, everything was a’ight
And we brought Hip Hop back home that night