What better way to celebrate the end of my alphabetical toils than with a good bit of PORN. (Josh, you wanted filthy links on NYLPM: here they are.)

OK, this is really the new Add N To X video, “Plug Me In”, for which the analogue Camden pervsters hired adult actresses and made a film with them, attaching cameras to various sex toys. Apparently it’s all about empowerment and art, though one suspects the attendant publicity has been more than a tasty fringe benefit. You can judge for yourself by following the link. Have I seen it? No, silly, I’m at work. It follows on from their cartoon robot smut video, “Metal Fingers In My Body”, which came free on a CD single and resulted in my then boss ‘confiscating’ it. Forty minutes later he called me into his office. Uh oh, I thought. “This CD-Rom, Tom,” he said. I looked suitably sheepish. He continued: “I can’t get it to work.” (That link via Oh!Skylab, to whom I say hi.)