POP-EYE U.S. – 10/26/00

and here, we find, is the fundamental problem about writing about the u.s. pop charts. once again, the top five remains solidified, with christina aguilera on top for a fourth week with “come on over baby.” “genie in a bottle” was a fine song: good singing matched with state-of-the-pop production. her efforts since then, however, have been tepid at best, and bland at worst: aguilera herself even bad-mouthed “come on over baby” in her interview in rolling stone.

there are, though, three new entries in the top ten. ‘nsync’s “this i promise you,” penned by richard marx — what? yes, that richard marx — jumped five spots to number 6. they also have a spanish version of this song, just in case you were wondering what richard marx songs would sound like in spanish. it’s all a part of their plan to subjugate the hispanic children in the way they’ve conquered the youth of the u.s. (see their performance on the latin grammys, where they were blown off the stage by son by four). destiny’s child have this week’s greatest gainer in airplay with “independent women part 1” which moved up eight places to number 7. they actually leapfrogged themselves as “jumpin’ jumpin'” has fallen to number 8. the final new entry in the top ten is mya’s “case of the ex (whatcha gonna do)” which moved seven notches up to number 10. it’s a inoffensive-to-the-point-of-being offensive song that features a video wherein mya dances in the desert with poles, looking for all the world like mad max, but as a girl.

look out now, the backstreet boys have made their way into the top 20 with the excellent “shape of my heart.” the song leapt from 24 to 15 and it’s poised to only climb higher as the release date for their new album approaches. ja rule, last week’s chart king, has his “between me and you” enter the top twenty, placing at 16 with this i-can’t-believe-it’s-not-dmx single. oh, and ricky martin — remember him? — also enters the top 20, after five grueling weeks. “she bangs” hit number 18: while i’m no huge ricky martin fan, it’s sad that this this-close-to-being-quite-good single of his isn’t being rewarded. come on, gang, doesn’t that new blonde hair turn you on? for God’s sake, he’s frolicking with women in his new video! what does a man have to do?

will the top five change next week? will the backstreet boys overtake their mortal nemeses, ‘nsync? and is ‘nsync mastering another language in preparation for such a contigency? will anyone care about ricky martin again? find out the answers to these questions and many MORE when pop-eye u.s. returns next week!

destiny’s child – “jumpin’ jumpin'” (8)
mystikal – “shake ya ass” (13)
backstreet boys – “shape of my heart” (15)
nelly – “(hot sh*t) country grammar” (17)
ricky martin – “she bangs” (18)