If Tom is going to keep gadding about maybe we should get a court order making sure he writes reviews and links full time. This is another classic case of knee jerk legal action, a string quartet with a court order to play together. The Guardian takes this to its logical extreme – ie Pete Best forcing The Beatles that they have to play with him instead of Ringo. Sloppy journalism really, this is a bit too obvious an example.

A much more interesting legal corollary would stop bands touring the working mens clubs of the North of England proclaiming themselves as Mud or The Sweet when they contain only one original member. Or, as is sometimes the case, the band merely owned a Wizzard single in the seventies – more than enough qualification to continue touring as Roy Wood’s band well into the new millenium. Perhaps it is not too late to slap a restraining order upon the Manic Street Preachers, because one of their members is missing. Presumed…..