Friday, 20th October, 18:00

“I have no interest in the new single by Daft Punk.”

Saturday, 21st October, 18:00
“Well, I was wrong.”

The moment comes just over two minutes in.

“One More Time” kicks off as typical Daft Punk stuff: all effected vocals, big synth sounds and metronomic kick drums. Just when I start to get fed up with the ubiquitous vocoders and think the band have spent the last couple of years churning out more of the same old stuff while “inspiring” Madonna, the majority of the synths drop out. Then the beat goes, and the next minute or so proves to be the best breakdown ever. Well, maybe not, but at the very least it beats anything Darude could come up with. And that’s exactly the point: whether or not this is a classic, it’s a welcome kick up the arse to the countless trance by numbers records of late. Whether it’ll stand the test of time remains to be seen; it certainly has a sizeable chunk of “Stardust”‘s magic formula of disco influences and melancholy-tinged vocals.

“One more time, we’re gonna celebrate. Oh yeah, alright, don’t stop the dancing.”