I’ll poke my head above the parapet then – in a response to Tom’s suggestion below that this team can get bigger I have finally decided to join in this alternative to pub rambling. If you don’t know me I am a regular drinking partner of Mr NYPLM, know Tanya very well and also occasionally knock together a website called Pumpkin State which is all about films and pubs. And badly designed.

Anyway, to arms. This is to confirm my pop credentials as it were, or to get ridiculed senselessly. Its just that I find Janet Jackson’s “It Doesn’t Matter” to be the most beguiling piece of music around at the moment. From an office bound silence point of view its suddenly dawned what works so well about it. I cannot remember any of the words (I had to double check the chart on dotmusic.com because I was not sure about the name of the track – which the sharp eyed amongst you will notice I got wrong). So Janet’s “Doesn’t Really Matter” works for me due to a garbled set of lyrics, a sickly simplistic tune and percussion which sounds like a pair of well oiled scissors at work. Not exactly deep reasons, but makes me wonder how many other tracks I’ve liked in my time because I find their lyrics incomprehensible. Or to be more precise, how many songs I have decided to dislike because I have understood and rejected a dull, banal or offensive lyric.

Dotmusic also told me that the new Spice Girls single is out there, somewhere. Probably at their website. I’ll leave Tom to comment maybe… All I’ll say is mid-tempo and leave it at that.