Can it be???

“Well it was just another day at the Evening Session studios. After my brilliant show – featuring spleen in session – finished I went off to Underworld in Camden to see kickstool bollocks in concert – they were magnificent. They came off stage at 9pm – so I took a three-seater bicycle up the road to the Fitzroy Tavern where Tony Parsons were playing a really low-key gig. They were scorching! I ambled home humming “Number One Dominator” and set to work on my 25,000 word JJ72s retrospective. By the time it was finished 31 minutes later it was only 75,000 words long, so I was happy! I set my alarm clock – which plays “I Milked Polly Harvey’s Cow” when it goes off – and fell asleep dreaming of Speedy. I love my job.”

Can Steve Lamacq – the Steve Lamacq – be writing for NYLPM? Heh, heh heh. No, readers. I’m afraid he’s far too busy writing mind-numbingly tedious memoirs to take any kind of position with Britain’s contrariest pop-blog. But you can get your very own sample of gripping Lamacq prose by going to Ten Years Of The Evening Session, a tribute microsite set up by those scamps at PopJustice, who have returned from the wilderness where they went to do penance for forcing that bland Spiller single down our throats for weeks.